by Glass Popcorn

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The first single from Glass Popcorn's mixtape "DEAL WITH IT"



released September 11, 2011

Vocals by Glass Popcorn
Lyrics by Glass Popcorn and Surfer Rosa
Produced by Sinistar and Dan
Album art by WUPREME




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Track Name: WARREN BUFFETT (prod. by Sinistar and Dan)
Never forget

I'm getting sauce
Like Warren Buffett
All my haters love it
Cause they think that they above it
I'm Kelsey Grammer
I'm making money
I'm rolling over the game
In a dune buggy
Who could rap over this? I'm sitting on my futon
Dreaming about my teeth in the veins of a python
Mic's gone, I lost it, oh, I never had one
Let the beat drop through my cell phone
I'm blown
Sipping Shaw all alone
Not wearing clothes, man, I hope my mom's not at home
She heard everything through the wall though
Last night when shit with my bitch got physical
She's a feminist
I'm getting slaps and fists in between the love and the kisses, man
What a ho
Don't she know?
I got an iPhone
I'm on the Internet
I love it
I'm invested in this shit
Like Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett, Warren Buffett
Deal with it

I'm getting Dave Hancock from CBS News
To shine my shoes, I'm about to tie the noose
This is some post-apocalyptic alien Egyptian cryptic shit
I don't know what I'm saying, I learned all this on the Internet
Get home from school, Sim City like Maxis
Wake up in the morning eating bacon like Francis
Instant Breakfast meal kinda known to give me cancer
Am I good at rapping? What's the general consensus?
I want a VMA, I want an MTV Woodie
I want an Oscar for a movie about cooking
Julie and Julia, I saw it with my mom
I'm making moolia like an Internet don
I'm Warren Buffett (7x)
Yeah swag yeah swag yeah yeah Warren Buffett


Glass Popcorn, Warren Buffett
You mad because I'm making money?
Dot com, check it out on the Internet
Glass Popcorn, yeah, yeah
Glass Pop, yeah, yeah
2012, yeah yeah yeah